Wanted: Digital Engagement Providers

Forrester Report: By Ted Schadler, John C. McCarthy with Khalid Kark, Nancy Wang

According to Forrester, no single vendor can overcome the complexities of mobile engagement programs today. But after interviews with 79 firms and vendors, including Mobiquity, Forrester has spotted the outlines of a new category of supplier they call “mobile engagement providers” with the capacity and capability to be the long-term engagement partner companies require.

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Why Read This Report
Building and delivering great mobile experiences will be the beating heart of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The challenge of making a simple, intuitive app that fronts a complex system of engagement will stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of most firms. For help, firms increasingly turn to vendors that possess a connected portfolio of engagement competencies and management skills. The result will be a new market for mobile engagement providers that will grow to $32.4 billion by 2018. No vendor can do all of this today, but suppliers from six categories — digital agencies, management consultancies, mobile specialists, product development specialists, systems integrators, and telcos — are chasing the prize. The payoff for vendors that make this investment will be to earn a seat at your table as a long-term partner in your engagement success.